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Code Id NAVO-O-007B
Title Overland from Lanzhou to Chengdu
Duration 11days; 10 days and 9 nights in Chine
Areas Amdo, Sichuan, Gansu
Itinerary Beijing/ Lanzhou/ Xiahe/ Langmusi/
Zoige/ Tangke/ Hongyuan/
The Qiang Stockaded Village of Taoping/
Season From May to October
Highlights Qingyang Taoist Temple,Huanglongxi Ancient Town, Chengdu breeding & research base of giant Panda,The Qiang Stockaded Village of Taoping,The Zang stockaded Village of Ganbao,Hongyuanmaiwa Temple,Tangke - The first Sinus of Yellow River,Langmusi,Labrang Temple,Bingling Temple,Palace Museum,The Temple of Heaven,Hutong,Outpost to Juyong Pass,The Ming Tomb
Introduction of the itinerary  
Itinerary day by day
01 Setting Off  
02 **/Beijing/ Lanzhou Hotel
Fly to Beijingand and transfer plane to Chengdu.
03 Lanzhou/ Xiahe (Labrang Temple) Lanzhou/ Beijing Hotel
Head for Labrang Temple and visit Liujiaxia by ship. Visit The Grottoes of Bingling Temple. Stay one night at Xiahe.
04 Xiahe ( Labrang Temple)/ Langmusi Hostel
Visit Labrang Temple and head for Langmusi (the boundary of Gansu and Sichuan)
05 Langmusi/ Zoige/ Tangke Hostel
Visit Langmusi and the temples along the road.
06 Tangke/ Hongyuan/ The Qiang Stockaded Village of Taoping. Hostel
Tangke: the first sinus of Yellow River. Maiwa Temple in Hongyuan. The Qiang Stockaded Village of Taoping. The Zang Stockaded Village of Ganbao.
07 The Qiang Stockaded Village of Taoping / Chendgu Hotel
Walk around The Qiang Stockaded Village of Taoping and then head for Chengdu and visit the Chengdu breeding & research base of giant Panda.
08 Chengdu/ Beijing Hotel
Visit Qingyang Taoist Temple and then head for Huanglongxi. Fly to Beijing at night.
09 Beijing Hotel
Visit Palace Museum, The Temple of Heaven and Hutong.
10 Beijing Hotel
Visit the Outpost to Juyong Pass and The Ming Tomb.
11 Beijing/ Exit  
Airport send-off

Pax 2 3-5 6-9 Over 10
Extra for the single room        
The price includes
Mini bus
Plane: Beijing/ Lanzhou; Chengdu/ Beijing
Hotels with 2 or 3 stars or the best local hotels or hostels.
Tour guide
We could arrange the guide according to the client’s language requirement. But for the French or German group, we could guarantee you the French or Germany speaking guide, only if there’re more than 8 people in your group.